2015 Nationals

2015 SAMPBA National Championships will be hosted by Harrismith.

Harrismith club has grown tremendously and will be hosting the nationals with KZN for a one of a kind experience to be had by all, they have had some exciting meetings and enjoyed the endurance meeting so much we might have it up there again this year, even with the windy weather we had.

This fantastic venue should bring us a really big entry with lots of fun and excitement.

Nico and Johan have built a huge 12 metre drivers stand 1.5m above the ground and a 3m high

Control tower, with a floating jetty and hot pit area with boat stands.

Toilets and showers will be provided as well.

There are 2 small lodges around the dam for hire, as well as plenty of 3* lodges in town only 6km away from the dam.

This dam is a Farmers dam which is rented by the club and is completely fenced off and very safe.

Our AGM will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm at the dam with a huge bon fire, with drinks and braai afterwards.

See you all there.

Keep boating