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  • 2017 Nationals

    Hi team,

    Firstly a big welcome to any new members receiving this newsletter and a great 2017 year to all of you.

    Firstly to confirm the dates as posted out to the membership last year.

    National for 2017

    Venue Harrismith OFS

    Contact Nico



    • Wed 26 April Open free Practice day
    • Thursday 27 April Official Practice day, Registration , Scrutineering.
    • Friday 28 April Race day 1
    • Saturday 29 April Race day 2
    • Sunday 30 April Race day 3 and prizegiving
    • Monday 01 May Travel time and recovery


    The committee felt that we could easily race in 2 Race days only thus saving a day which would help reduce costs and leave time required by members but there has been quite a response to keep it to three days racing again this year to allow more time for guys running a number of classes.

    It will allow this but we want to run on schedule and we will start with set start up times from day 1 to 3 and we want to be finished at a fair time on the Sunday to allow those who want to start their drive home, to get going at a reasonable hour.

    We are just under 90 days to our countdown so expect the entry forms in the next few days so we can start getting the Nats planning and build up going.

    Nico has confirmed the the good news is there has been quite a bit of rain in the Harrismith area and apparently the dam immediately above our race dam is full so the rain over the past weekend is starting to fill our dam now too.

    We will be meeting with the Harrismith club this weekend to sort thru all preplanning and more info will follow up from this weekend. We will also feed more info on the facility and accommodation etc and what to expect at the venue. We will be testing some systems with Nico and his team as well Dieter and the commentator.

    Will send a couple of pics from this weekend’s racing to start the appetites.

    For those who have never raced the Harrismith venue, it is a stunning site, about a km off the main Jhb to Dbn highway, making it easily accessable and is surrounded by willow trees etc. Really a great venue.

    Nico is negotiating some accom deals at the mo and these will be circulated for all to access.

    Nothing is too far in the Harrismith town.

    We will run the usual classes which will be shown on the entry form again and its hoped we will see a couple of extra entries in some of the thinner classes. Durban alone is entering around 20 boats at this stage.

    Guys target for this National is to have 80 boats, its achievable and will be easier to achieve if we get the PE boys down as well as a strong Gauteng entry from the clubs up there.

    Try to motivate your pals in your clubs and get a few guys to travel together to what will be a super weekends racing. For those tight on leave, travel Wed evening after work and practice on Public hol Thursday Take Friday only as leave. Race the weekend and drive back Sunday afternoon or Monday public holiday too. Lt can easily be done!

    Chat after some weekend racing!

    Cheers Dave

  • Good day Powerboaters all over South Africa

    Yes the day has come

    Attached the 2017 SAMPBA entry form: Sampba nats entry form 2017.doc

    As discussed at and with the Harrismith team herewith some comment:

    • No late entries – we are running a pro event and programs will be produced and squadding done well in advance
    • 1 month to enter – should be more than enough time and encourages submission
    • One enduro class only per pilot – time constraints such as prize giving, daylight and possible split races limit entry

    Please read the detail on the form carefully and send us your entries.

    See you all in Harrismith – bring pace

    Regards and thanks fromthe Chairman Dave, Vice Chairman John and yours truly Dieter